Server colocation inside Guifinet

The entire internet is sustained by servers. Server are computers which are always on, waiting for someone contact them to be shown information; web pages, email, as well as all the tools and services that we work with on a daily basis.

In Marsupi we’re dedicated to keeping these servers online at the disposal of activist movements; social and cultural associations and collectives which are committed to a ecological manner of explaining and organizing their projects in the world, as well as in the digital sphere, far away from any surveillance system.

With the new datacenter we intend to build a space where we can provide all the infrastructure needed for the secure, trustworthy, cooperative and green management of all our cloud data, far away from the supermarket of the corporations.

To finalize the project we’re preparing to connect the Marsupi’s experience with the potential and scope of the citizens network. With your assistance the result will have the same connectivity guarantees as a professional datacenter.

The datacenter inside has as an objective the provision of virtual hosting to all projects, companies and initiatives, both personal and collective which work towards social purposes and/or which are committed to development of local, sustainable business which is sensitive to technical sovereignty and the use of free software, so that they all may operate with their own data and share it with the world.

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